Off To Japan!

At last! its really happening we are actually off to  Japan.
Everything is nearly done and we are just worrying about the last minute things
Book taxi
Do the washing (well we can’t leave it festering for a month!)
Make sure all the bills are paid and up to date
I just want to thank a few people who have helped us prepare
Ayaka's Manga Profile

Ayaka’s Manga Profile

Who I met at a meetup  and who put up with me in the very early stages of learning Japanese.
Every week we met  for coffee and she patiently helped me to speak  and learn.
Of course Ayaka wanted to speak English but she travelled a long way to meet me.
I look forward to seeing Ayaka in Japan when we will go to see the Sumo.
I think having Ayaka with us will help us understand the Sumo better.
She had to take over when Ayaka went back to Japan. I worried that she would not be able to spend the time that I needed to learn enough.
But I was wrong! My Japanese language is not going to be native but my understanding has improved so thank you Sachiko!
Also my friend Yuko who was able to arrange really good Sumo tickets which I thought were going to be so difficult to get. Asking a local person to organise this was so much better.
 Yoko Onishi
you can find her here
I only had a few lessons but I definitely recommend going to Yoko’s lessons. In fact I am definitely going to carry on when I get back to London. Highly enjoyable. Just pay for a coffee and give her £10.00  or so and get a proper lesson.
I also have to thank some of the students there who have given me tips for learning. The internet is  wonderful so I’ll probably write a list of resources in a while. I hope it helps you as much as it has me.
Shinkansen or Bullet Train

Shinkansen or Bullet Train

We fly to Tokyo tomorrow and then the Bullet Train to Kyoto. I am looking forward to seeing Kyoto again. For Lorraine this will be the first time.
My friend Hiroshi Morikubo lives there and I have not seen him for a long time. In fact it was Ayaka who tracked him down for me. I could not read Japanese Kanji/Hiragana etc to track him down.
Always good to find local friends in Japan. I have to say that the help from various people from Japan has made our life a whole lot easier.
our adventure begins!