Day One of our Japanese Adventure


After a great dinner en famille at The Truscott Arms in Maida Vale we finished our packing and grabbed a quick sleep before an early start. Heathrow went smoothly (apart from me having a little panic attack before the Valium kicked in. Once airborne I’m fine but the check in, security stuff sometimes spooks me).

Textbook flight with gorgeous sunset and sunrise and then we were off the plane and through immigration in minutes….. Followed by an interminable wait for our baggage, ours were the very last ones to arrive!

We had engaged a guide to help us organise our JR train passes, pocket wifi etc and help us negotiate the tricky transfers to the Kyoto Shinkansen (the famous bullet train).

Now safely onboard and about to enjoy our first Japanese food of  the trip.  Despite spending the first hour of the journey staring out of the window with camera in hand I still managed to miss Mt Fuji, epic fail.

I’m surprised how urban the route is, just one tiny patch of farmland so far the rest has been high rise apartments, traditional houses and so many factories, barely a patch of green.

As we pull into stations a little tune plays which sounds just like the opening notes of God Save Our Queen!