Gorgeous George

DSC06614    Right now we are pet sitting in North Yorkshire.  This is our second visit here, and it really is one of the nicest jobs we have had.
Firstly we are staying in a lovely cosy cottage with a spectacular view of Robin Hood’s Bay, and secondly we have gorgeous George the ginger cat to look after as well as three chickens who reward us with fresh eggs each day.

DSC06606Last year George was grumpy George, he would come in, hiss at us, eat, hiss at us again and leave.  This year he seems to have had a change of heart and is super affectionate, spending most of his time on our laps, in our bed or wrapped around our ankles!

P1030143The chickens also are much better behaved, in the summer they were very naughty about going to bed at night and we had to race around the field (on a steep slippery hill) rounding them up, but now the nights are drawing in they are usually already in their coop before we go to tuck them in.

Sadly Sienna the horse we also cared for last year passed away just a few weeks ago so we are very aware of an empty space where we used to see a head hanging over the gate waiting for a pet and a carrot.

P1030157North Yorkshire is one of the most beautiful and wild areas of Britain. It’s perhaps not really accurate to say that anywhere in this country is truly remote but it’s remote enough for a townie like me.  Twenty plus miles round trip to the nearest store, or a very long steep 90min walk if it’s just a pint of milk you want. Not sure we have the survival skills to cope with being snowed in but on a crisp autumn day it’s heavenly.

Once we have let the chickens out, fed George and ourselves, we gather wood and lay a fire for the evening when it gets chilly, then we go for a good long walk and gather windfall apples and blackberries along our route. In the afternoon we often visit Scarborough or Whitby for a bit of retail therapy or a walk along the seafront. Scarborough has an excellent theatre where we saw “Every Brilliant Thing” which I tried to see in both NY and Edinburgh so was very happy to finally catch.  There’s also the quirky Peasholme Park which has a P1020868Chinese/Japanese theme. There’s a boating lake with dragon boats to rent and a delightful trail with little waterfalls and some rare specimen trees, especially attractive at this time of year.

Our time is nearly up and we’ll be so sorry to leave, hope we get invited back again to petsit our friend GG and the chooks. (Subtle hint!)