The Japanese and their Pets

P1000331Had I ever thought about the Japanese attitude to pets I think I would have said they’re not much interested.

P1000124Yet another myth debunked, they are pretty much dog crazy and cats are not far behind. We also saw a girl out P1010098walking with her very large rabbit and not one but TWO separate people taking their tortoises for a stroll!

There were a lot of shops selling cats and dogs, some were rescues but many were extremely expensive pedigrees.  They seemed well cared for but it’s still not good to see them in cages.  P1010879There were an equal number of pet stores selling food and accessories, one place we found had more dress up outfits than I saw in the USA, and even the market stalls had a good range of fancy coats.

P1000366We went to a Cat Cafe which was quite an unsettling experience.  Most of the cats appeared to be happy and healthy and the staff made sure that we disinfected our hands on entry and gave us a long list of rules. Certainly the visitors we saw got great pleasure from interacting with the cats and P1000367I’m sure that it’s in the proprietors’ interest to ensure the cats they have are ones that thrive on lots of attention (my daughter’s cat wouldn’t last five minutes before she had attacked everyone in the room!) but even so I imagine it could be stressful to have a stream of different people passing through your home each day.

I heard there are any number of feral cats but I only saw cats with collars (and sometimes leashes), even when I visited Cat Alley, guess all those strays heard I was coming and hid away.

Waving CatThere isn’t a toyshop or souvenir shop that doesn’t sell manifestations of the waving cat or some Hello Kitty merchandise.  My favourite item was a Hello Kitty cat bed, nearly bought one home for daughter’s cat but I bought her a very chic and cosy black snuggly box recently so I resisted the urge.

I did have to have one little cat related little treat….P1020030