Balboa Park and Bird Exhibition

Balboa Park is perhaps San Diego’s finest attraction. Just minutes from Downtown this enormous expanse of green space houses numerous attractions including museums, theatres, one of the world’s best zoos, a Japanese garden, canyon, many trails to explore, a massive pipe organ and so much more. I’ve been many times and yet I always find something new to discover.

Yesterday Barry and I went there to see the Whale exhibition at the Natural History Museum. The advertised highlights were a movie which was truly dreadful and the skeleton of a 59′ sperm whale which was awe inspiring.  The real highlight though was not part of this exhibition but a selection of bird photographs by Arthur Morris titled “Birds As Art”. I hadn’t seen his work before but I shall be looking for more.

The Beautiful Gardens outside their tropical plant collection.... stunning

The Beautiful Gardens outside their tropical plant collection…. stunning

We followed the museum with a snack at The Prado, always delicious, and then rounded off our day with a quick stroll around the Botanical Garden. As beautiful as some of the orchids are, the best moment was outside by the pond where the scent was overwhelming (in a good way!)

I wish I was one of those people who can name the flora and fauna but I’m not, my descriptions tend towards… Pretty yellow flower, big bird with blue wings etc. Comments on correct my descriptions please?

In the meantime this is definitely a White Crane Photographed by Arthur Morris and shown at the Balboa Park Exhibition all his photographs are Stunning in the meantime please enjoy this photograph which is stunning

copyright  Arthur morris

White Crane By Arthur Morris

White Crane By Arthur Morris

So many Breathtaking photos please view his Blog