Please look at FAQ for answers to questions that we are often asked and feel free to contact us ontrainboatplane@gmail.com


What do you Charge?

We don’t. We are just happy to have a nice place to stay and some animals to foster as the downside of being nomadic is that we can’t have pets of our own at the moment.  The only time we would ever ask for any money would be a contribution towards transport if you are in an especially remote location.

Is there a minimum time you will come for?

It really depends on where you are located. Within the UK we are happy to stay for a week or sometimes even less. For Europe 5 days is the minimum in the city, if we need to bring our car then we prefer a longer stay.

For longhaul sits we generally prefer a month or more. If it is an area we are keen to visit or if you have friends who can dovetail their vacations with you then this is worth considering.

We travel a lot both house and pet sitting, visiting friends, cruising, renting, hotels…… well, anything really so whatever you need please get in touch and we will try to work something out.

I have a gite and it will be occupied while I’m away, can you look after my guests?

We are happy to greet guests and help them to settle but of course we can’t be you, we don’t have your local knowledge so you would need to ensure that they were provided with maps, notes etc., and we can’t be responsible for non-payments, damages etc that your guests may do, nor can we take responsibility for their checkout though we would do our best to ensure they leave the property in a decent state.

My dog is scared of strangers, will you be patient and let her get used to you?

Most pets dislike change so we like to let them make the first moves. if your pet is especially nervous then you may want us to arrive a couple of days before your departure so they can adapt and we can learn your routine and walk routes etc.

Do you have a car?

Within the UK and most of Europe we can bring our own car (Honda CR-V), elsewhere we will hire one. Alternatively we can arrange insurance to drive your car if this is appropriate.

Are you insured?

We have been unable to find a policy which covers pet/house sitting but your own household insurance should be adequate.  We try to care for your belongings as you would and will liaise with you as quickly as possible should anything untoward happen.

What if my pet is sick?

We do ask that before you go away you leave us with details for your local vet (and also handyman, plumber etc.)  and ensure that they know that we are looking after your pets/home and can call on them in the event of an emergency and, of course, that you will cover their charges.

If your pet requires regular medication this isn’t a problem for us, but some animals don’t take kindly to meds, if yours is like this then it may be that they won’t tolerate a stranger handling this.  Please bear this in mind as we wouldn’t want to cause stress to an already unwell animal.

What animals will you look after?

We don’t care for children or elderly relatives… just pets!

We are happy to look after most animals, most of our experience is with cats and dogs but we have also cared for fish, gerbils, mice, bunnies, chickens and horses at grass.  Let us know what you need and we should be able to help.